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Private Sessions

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Private sessions focused on your goals

Whether your goal is to strengthen and tone your body, become more flexible or improve your posture, our physiotherapists will tailor your session to your individual clinical needs.

“I just can’t believe the progress I have made in only a few private sessions with Trudy at Pilatesfit. I really am working so much harder as I understand exactly the position I should be in … I am already noticing big improvements.”


“After hip surgery I had some private sessions initially to ensure I was exercising safely. I now go to classes, which are focused and varied, challenging … but always good fun! I would recommend physiotherapist-led pilates to anyone looking to recover from surgery.”


“I have a fairly sedentary life with a lot of computer work that causes lower and upper back pain. I see Rowan privately for a combination of physiotherapy and pilates and it has helped tremendously. Rowan is an excellent instructor and physiotherapist par excellence”.


Individual and effective

Private sessions are especially relevant for people recovering from injury or surgery but they’re also useful for people who haven’t exercised regularly for a while or for beginners in preparation for going into a class.

Other clients we teach privately are people who’ve found it difficult to attend a regular class because of other commitments and some just simply prefer to exercise on their own.

It’s the most convenient way to learn and practice pilates.


You can book a single private session or as many as you like in advance using our online booking system.


Private studio sessions:

Monday to Friday (50min): £65

Weekend (50mins) £70

Home visits: £85

Online subscriptions from £20 a month

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