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Those with injuries

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Movement helps your body heal

Doctors often recommend pilates to people who have had an injury or those who are still recovering from injury or surgery. This is because it’s important to keep moving, both when your body is healing and after the healing process is complete.

Movement helps prevent your muscles from becoming weak or tight, it stops your joints becoming stiff and this relieves pain.

Pilates exercises promote recovery

As physiotherapists we understand how bodies heal and we know how to modify and when to use pilates exercises safely to help those recovering from injury. We may suggest combining pilates exercises with other types of ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy treatment or acupuncture during your appointment if this is indicated.

We only have physiotherapists with many years of clinical experience on our team, so the chances are that they have helped people with your exact symptoms many times.

Few things are as rewarding as seeing patients return to their normal lives and move freely without pain. So it doesn’t matter what your injury has been or when it happened, get in touch and we’ll talk through the issues and look at your scans and reports.

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