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Daily routine has a significant impact on our posture

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, your body tries to be helpful by changing the length of your muscles to make this position more comfortable. But over time you lose flexibility and your posture will change.

What is the impact of poor posture?

  • Accumulative strain on ligaments, tendons and nerves.
  • Faulty joint alignment and uneven patterns of wear in the joints.
  • Muscle imbalances which alter the way you move.
  • Weak postural muscles (loss of strength in the ‘corset’ of muscles which support your spine).

How can you improve your posture?

It’s possible to stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles and re-educate your body to produce better patterns of movement.

If you improve the flexibility of your legs and hips and increase your core stability, most back pain will improve. And that’s exactly what physiotherapist-led pilates will teach you to do.

You can start right now …

Take breaks at work … it might seem obvious, but taking regular breaks increases productivity and this is thought to be due to workers feeling more physically comfortable. Try to take a short break from sitting every 45 minutes. It doesn’t have to be long, just stand up and move for 30 seconds, or change your position in your seat and stretch.

Sit in your chair, not just ‘on’ it … the back of your chair should support your whole spine. Sit right back into your chair and try out all the controls until you are familiar with the adjustments. Sitting with an inward curve in the base of your spine is best. Some chairs have a pump you can use to improve the lumbar support.

Think about your posture … make sure your computer monitor isn’t too far away. You should be able to 
touch your screen without moving your shoulder blades away from your chair 
and the area of the screen which you look at the most (top, middle or bottom) should be level with your eyes.

Stay in the zone … keep the equipment on your desk that you use most frequently (mouse, keyboard, phone) in the zone closest to your body. You shouldn’t have to move your spine away from the back of your chair to reach them.

Get Fit … again, it’s obvious, but people who are physically fit manage the issues of life and work much better. If they have injuries they heal more quickly and if their job is stressful they cope more effectively. Think about ways to incorporate a form of general exercise into your weekly routine.

Improve your posture with Physiotherapist-led pilates

We recommend that our physiotherapists assess your posture, flexibility and core strength in a private session before you start a class with us. We’ll also design and give you a targeted programme of exercises with videos so you can achieve as much as possible in the time you can spare.

We run a bespoke service, so whether you call us for a one-off assessment, or book into a weekly class or regular private session, we will always be focusing on your individual needs.

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