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Clinical pilates for pregnancy

Exercising regularly during pregnancy to maintain or even improve your fitness has huge benefits for both you and your baby.

Pilates exercises need to be specially modified during pregnancy but can be safely practiced right up until the birth of your baby, helping you:

  • Increase strength in your pelvic floor, tummy and back muscles to support your baby as it grows
  • Maintain flexibility without straining your joints
  • Encourage better body awareness, posture and balance
  • Relax and control your breathing in preparation for labour
  • Meet other mums-to-be and make friends


Regular Pilates practice reduces the risk of pelvic girdle pain and low back pain and your postnatal recovery will be faster!

Expert Physiotherapy support

Our pregnancy pilates classes are led by experienced physiotherapists who are clinically trained to teach antenatal and postnatal pilates.

We strongly recommend a private session before starting to make sure it’s safe for you to exercise in a class environment and to ensure you are working your pelvic floor correctly (as often people aren’t!). We’ll assess your posture and go through some key moves so that you are familiar with the basics and get the most out of your classes.

As part of your session, we’ll send you the basic exercises with video links so that you can practice safely at home in between classes.

Antenatal massage therapy

We also offer massage therapy for mothers-to-be to relieve the muscular symptoms often associated with pregnancy, including lower back and pelvic girdle pain. Our clinical massage therapist Nicola specialises in antenatal treatment techniques including aromatherapy. It’s a great complement to antenatal pilates and we offer a combined package of massage sessions and pilates classes. Please contact us to find out more.

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