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A range of classes to suit everyone

We have a range of classes from beginner through to advanced as well as older adults. Whatever your experience, we recommend a private session with one of our physiotherapists first so we can assess your posture, flexibility and core strength to ensure that you get the most out of your class. As part of this induction session, we’ll send you some exercises with video links so you can practice at home.

A maximum of thirteen students in any one of our group classes means there really is close supervision and plenty of ‘hands-on’ teaching.

We run daytime and evening classes during the week and we are also open at weekends.

“I was beginning to feel the creak of increasing years and the effect of past injuries but after each class I emerge gently glowing with a feeling of achievement, progress and general wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend ‘PilatesFit’ to anyone who wants to keep their body in good working order.”


“I like the fact that classes are run by experienced physiotherapists who get to know my medical history and my level of fitness first. I think this is the best pilates experience you can get!”


“I thought pilates might be a bit girlie but I found it really surprising that doing simple exercises in the right way was so difficult. Over the weeks I noticed improvements in class and more importantly, in everyday life I found my back and neck ache significantly reduced.”


We’ll provide everything

There’s no need to bring your own mat and we practice pilates barefoot so just wear something comfortable – most people opt for a T-shirt and jogging bottoms.

We also provide equipment to add challenge and variety to our sessions including resistance bands, light hand weights, gym balls, foam rollers, ova balls and spiked balls.


You can book a single class or as many as you like in advance. Using our online booking system you’ll only pay for what you use and you can search for space in another class if you can’t make your regular session.


Online classes (45 mins):

Subscriptions for £20 a month


Private studio sessions:

Monday to Friday (50min): £65

Weekend (50mins) £70

Home visits: £85

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