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Older Adults

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Pilates is an ideal way for older adults to exercise

As we age, our bodies naturally lose strength and flexibility, which in turn affects balance and co-ordination.

Pilates exercises improve flexibility in the spine and joints and rebuild strength in the legs and core muscles. This significantly improves balance and reduces the risk of falling.

A low impact workout that’s gentle on your joints

Physiotherapist-led pilates can help a wide range of physical problems that are associated with ageing including:

Low back pain
Postural problems
Parkinson’s disease

It’s also a great way to rehabilitate from surgical procedures like hip or knee replacement.

Expert teaching

Some pilates exercises are unsuitable for older adults especially if you have a specific physical issue like osteoporosis. So it’s really important that your instructor knows how to modify the exercises so you don’t hurt yourself.

All our pilates classes and private sessions are taught by chartered physiotherapists with a lot of experience treating older adults. We recommend that our physiotherapists assess your posture, flexibility and core strength in a private session before you start a class with us so we can assess you properly and to ensure you are exercising safely and at the right level.

We’ll also design a bespoke program of exercises to target the things you specifically want to work on and send them to you with video links to follow so you can be sure you are doing them correctly when practising on your own.

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