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Articles with tag "Yoga"

Stretch out for healthy hips!

20th March, 2017

groin stretch for the hips

Lots of painful conditions around the hips can be improved with an effective exercise programme to improve flexibility in your hips joints. Try our healthy hips stretching routine … we’d recommend working on it at least three times per week. Hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds on each side and complete the whole […]

What are the differences between Pilates and Yoga?

1st November, 2015

Core strengthening: Pilates exercises are more intensely focused on core strengthening than Yoga.Toning is achieved though precise repetitive movements often using weights or equipment to build strength. Yoga practice builds strength and endurance in the core muscles through sustained postures (asanas) but this is not the main focus. Body and mind connection: An important part […]