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Articles with tag "Neck"

Pilates for posture

23rd April, 2017

Best posture image of stretching

There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect posture’ …  no one set way that we as individuals should all be aiming to stand or sit that’s been scientifically proven to prevent pain. Indeed, we are all different and just like having blue eyes or brown hair, some people are born with tight hamstrings or a […]

Pilates exercises for neck pain

19th January, 2017

Patient waiting for neck physiotherapy

Neck pain is often accompanied by shoulder blade pain, tight muscles and headaches. So its not surprising that having an issue with your neck can impact significantly on your feeling of wellbeing. Quite a number of the clients we see with neck pain have symptoms that can be attributed to accumulative strain on the muscles, […]

An exercise to improve neck pain

5th October, 2015

A lot of patients tell me their neck and shoulders get really tight and knotted’… sound familiar? It’s a really common complaint and you can spot the cause a mile away – poor upper body posture! Rounding of the upper back with the shoulders rolling forward and chin poking out in front increases muscle activity […]