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Nutrition and health

Reduce stress and improve soft tissue healing

8th February, 2021

Stress and anxiety - improve healing and reduce pain

Did you know that being mentally ‘stressed’ has an impact both on your experience of pain and your capacity to heal from an injury? You might remember school biology lessons and the ‘fight or flight’ response we all have  when we encounter a threatening or stressful experience. This is an evolutionary chemical reponse in your […]

How to reduce bloating

20th October, 2015

These are a few tips given to me by a Nutritional Therapist who works at our studio. 1) Chew, chew, chew your food…. by eating slowly and not bolting your food you will avoid swallowing air which leads to bloating. 2) Don’t eat on the run! Practice mindful eating; sit, relax and enjoy the flavours […]

Best Pilates smoothie!

2nd October, 2015

You need some energy to get the most out of your Pilates class but it’s not much fun doing a roll up on a full stomach. So here’s a great smoothie recipe I make all the time. The oats are slow release carbohydrates and the almond milk is a great source of protein. Don’t be […]